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Denise T. Dickinson MD PSC

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Experience & dedication

With Over 25 Years experience  Dr. Dickinson’s a board certified Dermatologist, treating a variety of skin cancers, and diseases across all ages. She accepts most insurance plans. To explore more options and schedule an appointment “Click Here” or call us today.  New Paients are given priority scheduling.

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Certified & ready to help

Trust your skin care to a board-certified expert. Dr. Dickinson warmly welcomes new patients of all ages and backgrounds. No matter what your skin issue may be, she's here to help you gain confidence and healthy skin.

Our skin treatment services:

•  Skin cancer

•  Melanomas

•  Moles & other skin growths

•  Adult acne

•  Rosacea

•  Cysts

•  Psoriasis

•  Eczema

•  Rashes

•  Warts

•  Fungus

•  Ring Worm

•  Athlete's Foot

•  Hair loss

•  Skin tags

•  Scars

•  Skin changes

•  Birth marks

Call today to learn more: 502-366-1388