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Denise T. Dickinson MD PSC

Treating skin cancer with care & expertise

With over 25 years of local experience, Dr. Dickinson is here to help you return to a life of comfort and confidence. As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Dickinson has the expertise you're looking for with the personal attention and care that only great dermatologists offer.

Accepting most insurance plans

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Skin cancer & disease treatment options:

•  Actinic keratoses

•  Basal cell cancer

•  Squamous cell cancer

•  Melanomas and atypical moles

•  Skin surgery

Certified & ready to help

Trust your skin care to a board-certified expert. Dr. Dickinson warmly welcomes new patients of all ages and backgrounds. No matter what your skin issue may be, she's here to help you gain confidence and healthy skin.

Dr. Dickinson is happy to accept most insurances. No matter what insurance provider or plan you have, odds are your skin cancer or other skin disease can be treated with excellent dermatology care. To explore more options and schedule an appointment, click here or call us today.

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